A 3D model of the process system and facility provides a realistic design that improves the design process from inception to commissioning. Three-dimensional models are used for a virtual walk-through to gather valuable design feedback from safety, maintenance, operations, and quality personnel. These reviews allow higher levels of design acceptance across the organization, another contribution to reduce construction and change order expenses. The 3D model is also used for generating layouts, elevations, and orthographic views of the process.
We utilize 3D Scanning technology to capture a complete, accurate, 3D point cloud of an existing space. This ensures accurate, clash-free, 3D modeling and pinpoint accuracy in establishing piping tie-points, equipment placement, and modifications. The 3D scan point cloud gives even better visualization for virtual walkthroughs for plant personnel, remote stakeholders, or project contractors.
Integrating the 3D process model with a detailed construction schedule allows 4D design –which adds the dimension of time. Planned demolition and construction can be viewed in a time-based virtual walk-through with all project stakeholders. This provides opportunity to find interferences and deal with problems in the design phase rather than during construction.